CC Hart

…a new appreciation for the ways in which brains are strange and not all the same!

CC Hart’s senses are intertwined via synaesthesia, which informs her writing, visual art, costume design, and her long career in manual therapy.  She is a polysynesthete with at least 17 expressions of conflated sensation. She has also been professionally diagnosed with additional neurocognitive outliers including ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, and other brain differences.

CC is continuing to learn how her atypical cognition creates both opportunities and obstacles. She supports the argument that neurodiverse traits are not pathologies, but represent part of the spectrum of human somatosensory, intellectual, and cognitive experience. CC Hart is honored to host the Weird Sister podcast, and to amplify the conversation around neurodiversity. Get weird with CC every Wednesday as she drops new episodes of the Weird Sister podcast.