My creative interests and endeavors cross various media and disciplines. I received my MFA from the University of San Francisco. My focus was writing, and during my studies, I took a deep dive into long fiction. I am a published poet and essayist, and I am currently crafting a book-length memoir about neurodiversity, community, and healing.

I have significant experience in the theater arts, with an emphasis on costume design. I have been an actor, educator, director, set dresser, fight coordinator, and stage manager; however, my heart remains true to the language of attire and the construction of garments. I am particularly interested in millinery in all its forms: hats, fascinators, caps, and bonnets. I have sensory processing sensitivities that are ameliorated (somewhat) by wearing something on my head.

My visual art and illustrations have been published and/or exhibited in Spain, Russia, and the USA. Online photo galleries and CV areavailable here.

Castor, CC Hart, 2019, mixed media