The following examples of my creative works are representative of my artistic interests, and the recurring themes that inspire me: bones, detritus, decay, synesthetic phenomena and other neurocognitive experiences, poetics, rebirth, and reimagining/reframing the past.


Bones are the most enduring component of bodies; left on their own to decompose, they can persist for millennia. Diagnostic radiographs of skeletal architectures can serve as a form of portraiture, revealing the body’s deepest, most tenacious structures. Yet, medical practices retain both tacit and actual ownership of these highly personal images. This places the subject of the portrait, the patient, in a deferential role in regard to interpreting meaning from depictions of their body, and descriptions of their pathologies. Additionally, radiographs are destroyed when they are no longer of medical use, rendering them a form of ephemera. The Radiographica series explores grayscale x-ray images as perceived through the lens of synesthesia by neurodivergent artist CC Hart

Artist Carolyn CC Hart in El Museo Palacio Abacial, Alcalá la Real, Spain with Fuse (2017) mixed media on canvas. Fuse is based on radiographs of human cervical vertebral pathologies, and was featured in the TEKSYN II installation curated by Timothy Layden and MJ De Córdoba for Fundación Internacional Artecittà. 
Castor (2019), mixed media on canvas based on radiography of the caudum of the North American Beaver, castor canadensis. Castor was exhibited in the Museum of Moscow, Moscow State University for Psychology and Education, and the Tchaikovsky Conservatory for Synaesthesia: Cross-Sensory Aspects of Cognition Across Science and Art, October 2019
Deceleration (2017)
Interior Sculptures (2017)
Cursed Gift (2020)

The Bone Stories is a collaborative project in development anchored in the concept of narrative medicine. What stories might your bones tell?


Making Space, (2020) Artist’s note: I love word play; I am both working on making more space in my life for creativity, and also enraptured by spaces dedicated to creative endeavors. As I become more comfortable with my neurodiverse traits, I feel empowered to take up space, both literally and figuratively.

Waste can be saved, (2020) Artist’s note: just before the pandemic struck, I collaborated on a film shoot in London with portraitist Christian Hook. I gave my synesthetic perceptions as he painted, and I quickly drew what I saw with colored pencils. At the end of the day, I was captivated by the detritus left behind by my drawing. Sometimes, I feel I wasted so much of my life with my late recognition of my neurodivergence. But waste can be saved and repurposed.

Wish, (2019) Artist’s note: I am fascinated with bones and the rituals that surround them. Because I see the word “bone” in medium berry red, Wish creates a strange interplay between my synesthetic perception and the world as I was taught to see it. I know that bones are shades of white/ivory, but to me, that wishbone is almost burgundy. Am I broken? Will rituals fix me?

Hypnogogic Vision, (2017) appears in the 2019 video installation “Synesthesia and Art” curated by Carol J Steen and Great Berman, and exhibited in Russia at the Museum of Moscow, Moscow State University for Psychology and Education, and the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, October 2019

Touched, (2017) Artist’s note: as a mirror-touch synesthete, I have struggled with feeling that my extraordinary perception is both monstrous and a bit divine. With Touched, I hope to reveal the otherworldly aspects of mirror-sensory synesthesia paired with the sense I am deformed by the experience of feeling other people’s bodies as if they are my own. And I love the play on the word touched, and its link to idiocy, a category to which so many neurodivergent people were once relegated.


coming soon….