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Welcome to Weird Sister, a podcast about art, science, and culture as viewed through the lens of neurodiversity. Let’s reclaim and reframe the word weird!

Carolyn CC Hart

Carolyn “CC” Hart is your host for the Weird Sister podcast. She is a neurodiversity advocate, an artist, an author, and a manual therapist.

Stacey Dennick

Weird Sister podcast audio producer Stacey Dennick is a writer, editor, media creator, and creative writing instructor. She is a seasoned video and audio editor.


The neurodiversity movement promotes the concept that variations in the human brain regarding intellect, capacity to attend, social motivation, learning, and mood are not pathologies, but iterations of the spectrum of human cognition.

Epiphanies Weird Sister

Have you experienced a sudden, profound understanding of something that previously seemed hidden or obscured? Many neurodivergent persons don't get a correct diagnosis for their neurocognitive differences until they're adults, leaving them confused and frustrated as they hope for an epiphany. Join CC Hart as she explores neurodiversity in Episode 07 of the Weird Sister podcast.
  1. Epiphanies
  2. The Polymath: Migraine, Music, and More…
  3. Audio Goddess
  4. Weird is the Word
  5. So….what is neurodiversity?