Stacey Dennick

…this is her favorite quote about neurodivergence:

“Dyslexics see things differently. They tend to be creatives. They don’t have to be pushed to think outside the box. Thinking outside the box is their automatic setting.”— Ann Silvers, MA

Stacey has recently realized that in addition to being dyslexic, she probably also has dyspraxia. She is excited to serve as the audio producer for the Weird Sister podcast.

Stacey Dennick worked in corporate video production for more than 15 years. Projects included 9,362 videos about networking and other computer stuff, documentaries, humorous shows for conferences and promotional videos for the San Francisco Ballet.

She currently teaches creative writing through Santa Rosa Junior College’s Older Adult program. Although these classes are designed for seniors, they are open to all adults living in California for no fee. Yup, free writing classes. Stacey’s creative writing classes are currently on Zoom, so there’s no commute either. 

Stacey calls herself a “Digital Storyteller.” In addition to editing podcasts, she edits words and videos. She creates WordPress websites and Photoshop graphics. Digital facelifts for headshots are one of her specialties! 

Check out Stacey’s website to read some of her writing.

Stacey Dennick is a dynamic and compassionate educator who encourages her students to find their unique creative voice in her classes.

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Stacey’s artwork varies from graphic design to face painting (when there isn’t a pandemic!) to fused glass art; you can find her glass art in her Etsy shop Stacey Alysa.

Always up for learning new geeky skills, Stacey recently laid out her first book, Heart with Wings, a compilation of poems for children inspired by, and including, Jane Kelly’s beautiful mosaic art. 

Stacey makes her home in Sebastopol, a charming town in the wine country of Northern California, where she and her husband are bossed about by their two naughty cats.