I Feel You

I feel so fortunate to be featured in Aurore Dupont-Sagorin’s mini-documentary about mirror pain. Aurore is a fellow mirror-sensory synesthete and filmmaker. Her BBC Reel Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia: feeling other people’s pain is a beautifully crafted short film about the joys and struggles of living with the conflated sensations of MTS. I am glad to know Aurore, and to have her camaraderie on the strange path that is life with mirror-touch synesthesia. You can learn more about Aurore Dupont-Sagorin and her projects at this link.

Aurore also appears in Episode 6 of the podcast Let’s Talk Synesthesia“, in conversation with podcast host Maike Pressing and cognitive neuroscience professor Dr. Jamie Ward. You can listen to Let’s Talk Synesthesia on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Anchor.