Art and Soul

I’m still feeling floaty after my visit to Spain for the Fundación Internacional Artecittà VII Congress. It’s such a joy to reconnect with my friends in the synesthesia community, and to learn about their current research and creative projects. I’ve come home to San Francisco with my synesthete soul replenished. My colleagues have me inspired to continue with my own research into 3D representations of physical pain, and I am hoping to build additional collaborations with The Body Curios project.

I’m also feeling both thankful and honored that my artwork “One Shot Synesthesia: with gratitude to Alexandra and Danko” was included at the exhibition in Alcalá la Real. The installation was displayed in the Convent de los Capucinos and includes works by an international selection of synesthete artists. My lovely and talented friend Sanne Van Wees created a gorgeous short documentary of the exhibition which will take the viewer thought the entire collection of works, including Sanne’s bronze “photisms”, which can be seen in the display case from 12 to 21 seconds in the documentary:

Additionally, the full catalog for the exhibition is below: