I’m Weird!

I’m weird. I’m weird. I’m weird.

I say this to myself over and over again, with a great sense of satisfaction paired with relief. I’m weird. I always have been, and I always will be. Nothing’s going to change at this point in my life except my understanding of what it means to be weird. I have numerous neurocognitive differences that impact my social interactions, my mood, my executive function, and other aspects of my sensorium and consciousness. I was a weird kid who has embraced that epithet and made it into a badge of honor. I’m weird.

Today, I brought a dream to life, a podcast called Weird Sister. WS is a a deep dive into synesthesia, autism, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, and other outliers. Episodes are largely focused on the ways in which women, girls, and female-identifying folks experience neurodivergence. But as I like to say, you can be a mister, and still be a weird sister!

The Weird Sister podcast “Welcome” trailer and Weird Sister Episode 1 “Logos and Symbols and Unusual Words” are up now. I sincerely hope you’ll get weird with me!

The Polymath: Migraine, Music, and More… Weird Sister

Hildegard of Bingen was a prolific polymath, and a woman of exception skills. Did she also suffer from migraine? Let's explore the strangest of headaches and migraine's ties to neurodiversity in Episode 5 of the Weird Sister Podcast. 
  1. The Polymath: Migraine, Music, and More…
  2. Audio Goddess
  3. Weird is the Word
  4. So….what is neurodiversity?
  5. Logos and Symbols and Unusual Words