I’m Weird!

I’m weird. I’m weird. I’m weird.

I say this to myself over and over again, with a great sense of satisfaction paired with relief. I’m weird. I always have been, and I always will be. Nothing’s going to change at this point in my life except my understanding of what it means to be weird. I have numerous neurocognitive differences that impact my social interactions, my mood, my executive function, and other aspects of my sensorium and consciousness. I was a weird kid who has embraced that epithet and made it into a badge of honor. I’m weird.

Today, I brought a dream to life, a podcast called Weird Sister. WS is a a deep dive into synesthesia, autism, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, and other outliers. Episodes are largely focused on the ways in which women, girls, and female-identifying folks experience neurodivergence. But as I like to say, you can be a mister, and still be a weird sister!

The Weird Sister podcast “Welcome” trailer and Weird Sister Episode 1 “Logos and Symbols and Unusual Words” are up now. I sincerely hope you’ll get weird with me!

Epiphanies Weird Sister

Have you experienced a sudden, profound understanding of something that previously seemed hidden or obscured? Many neurodivergent persons don't get a correct diagnosis for their neurocognitive differences until they're adults, leaving them confused and frustrated as they hope for an epiphany. Join CC Hart as she explores neurodiversity in Episode 07 of the Weird Sister podcast.
  1. Epiphanies
  2. The Polymath: Migraine, Music, and More…
  3. Audio Goddess
  4. Weird is the Word
  5. So….what is neurodiversity?