Every day, for the last few weeks, I have been reaping cherry tomatoes from my backyard garden. It has me feeling the autumn season coming on like nobody’s business. In San Francisco, we have a cold, damp summer, but fall has arrived in the Parkside neighborhood, with its warm dry days and ever receding light. This is a time of gathering fruits, of acknowledging summer’s abundance, a time for planning future endeavors. This is a moment that whispers what is next…?

Today, I spoke remotely to a Michigan high school psychology class focused on explorations in consciousness. The students were curious about synesthesia and the ways this neurocognitive difference impacts one’s sense of self. It was an absolute treat, and I am reveling in the conversations we had. I feel honored to launch collaborative dialogues about synesthesia and other neurocognitive outliers; it’s such a sweet opportunity. What more can I say? This is a true harvest in the best sense of the word.

In another life, I was a high school educator, a career I Ioved as much as I delighted in my talented and curious students. I was only in the classroom for two years, yet interactions with the drama program at Merced High School still informs my life in the loveliest ways. It’s kind of crazy and cool to reconnect wth my former students on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I love seeing their journeys into art, career, and family, and I am humbled by my ongoing opportunity to interact with them. They were, and continue to be, smart, funny, and determined, everything that made them shining stars in the local theater scene.

I’ve had many careers, many chances to talk about neurodivergence. At this time and place, in California’s rich autumn season, I am feeling the fullness of harvest. I hope you will join me in collecting the fruits of neurodiversity. Together, let us launch ongoing explorations into cross-sensory science, creativity, and community.