The Future of Our Senses

Human+ The Future of Our Senses is currently airing on Canadian television. I am beyond honored to be included in this groundbreaking collaboration, which features the human sensorium in all of its strangeness and wonder.

My creative endeavors are currently focused on synaesthesia, ADHD, Tourette, and other differences that have impacted my life. After 5 decades of struggling to appear as if I’ve got my shit together in a neuronormative way, and somewhat (but not totally) succeeding, it’s been a relief to out myself as happily aberrant. Recognizing my outlier neurocognitive world as real, valid, and meaningful has been a psychosocial challenge, but I’m on board for this long journey of personal discovery. And thank the gods I have friends like Lidell Simpson, (he is also featured in Human+) who will traipse with me through the neurodivergent otherworld.

It’s surreal for me to acknowledge how far out of the loop my everyday experiences are in comparison to a more neurotypical individual. And it’s both odd and fascinating, and incredibly meta to have mirror-sensory synaesthesia fostered by watching myself on film hugging a homeless man on the streets of San Francisco, a person I had never met before, but whom I still search for every time I am in the heart of the city. His smile makes my heart melt; I hope I can find him again.

I want to thank each of you who’ve followed me on this journey of revelation, confession, and self-discovery. I’m grateful for your friendship and compassion. There’s so much more to unpack, but just for today, I want to rest in gratitude.

Love and Light,


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